Úll 2018 will be organised by Paul Campbell and Aoife Reaper-Reynolds.


Paul is the co-founder and CEO of Tito, web-based software for selling tickets online. Tito is used by conferences and events like Layers, AltConf, 360idev, The Talk Show Live, and The Beard Bash. Paul co-organised 3 iterations (2010, 2011, 2012) of Funconf, a conference on a bus, in a castle, and on an island, before starting Úll 6 years ago.


Aoife Reaper-Reynolds joined the Úll team in 2016 to help with logistics, but she brought her very own stamp and style to the events she co-produced. Aoife specialises in organising retreats that nourish the "body, mind and soul".

Who designed the beautiful illustrations?

The characters, illustrations and concepts for this year’s conference were designed and illustrated by the talented Cian Walsh of Afterglow. At one point, Cian’s designs powered all of the cool indie Mac software in existence. He is now working fulltime on MUX, about which he gave a compelling talk at Úll last year.