Accessibility at Úll

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Úll Conferences Limited is dedicated to providing an inclusive event for all of our participants. Given the nature of this year’s event, however, we do ask that individuals with specific accessibility needs make them known ahead of time. Please contact us at


  • Because of the nature of how we use multiple rooms, some rooms may have limited accessibility.
  • We will work closely with venue staff around any specific requirements
  • Our venue has plenty of space to accommodate wheelchair movement
  • Our venue allows for wheelchairs to be located in the same area as seated attendees
  • Toilets may not all be gender neutral, but we understand that there will be private toilet stalls available.


  • Presentations have not been finalised at this time

Food and Drink

  • Attendees with food intolerances and allergies will be catered for—please let us know when assigning your ticket
  • Non-alcoholic beverages will be freely available


  • We would be happy to reserve tickets for you if it’s not immediately clear whether necessary assistance is provided or additional planning is required
  • Complimentary tickets are available for assistants to disabled participants

In both cases please drop us an email at


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